Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatulah wa Barakatuh

The martyrdom of Sultan of Maguindanao and Sultan of Buayan caused a great loss to the esteemed members of their family and all close relatives and friends especially among the muslim brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

  • Almarhum Sultan Sayyid Hajji Datu Amir A. Baraguir

    - Son of Almarhum Sultan Sayyid Hajji Datu Muhammad G.M. Baraguir (24th Sultan of Maguindanao), by his wife, Hajja Fatima Carmen Andong, daughter of Datu Andong, who, in turn, is the son of Datu Unutan, son of Raja Ingkung of Taviran; great granddaughter of Datu Anwaruddin Utto, Rajah of Buayan through her mother, Bai Inukupan d.o Datu Mangindalat, s.o Utto.

    - Ascended the Throne on June 8, 2000 following the death of his father as the 25th Sultan of Maguindanao with the Regal Name: HRH Seri Paduka Sultan Sayyid Haji Datu Amir bin Muhammad Baraguir.

    - Was shot dead on 11.01.2006.

  • Almarhum Sultan Akmad Utto Camsa

    - Son of Almarhum Sultan Kudanding Camsa ibni Almarhum Sultan “Utto” Anwarudin (20th Sultan of Buayan).

    - Great grandson of Almarhum Sultan “Utto” Anwarudin (Datu Sa Zapakan)(19th Sultan of Buayan).

    - He was enthroned as the the 21st Sultan of Buayan on October 1, 1990 and was recognized as HRH Sultan Akmad Utto Camsa ibni Sultan Kudanding Utto Camsa, the Prime Sultan of Buayan.

    - Was shot dead on 30.08.2007.


  1. i believed that the throne of the two sultan's had something to do with their untimely death

  2. Thank you for posting the tarsilas. I want to ask permission to use them in my future writings. I am interested in the Tabunaway and Mamalu story. Also of interest to me is the Buayan line of Datu Buisan. I have been looking for him for a long time as he was mentioned in the Dutch records of the 1660s as researched by Ruudje Laarhoven. Datu Buisan does not appear in the standard Buayan sultanate tarsila, but now I see him connected to the Milagandi-
    Penduma line. Based on Laarhoven's research, Datu Buisan is an important figure in Davao history, but his role is now forgotten. Macario D. Tiu. My email address is: mac_tiu@yahoo.com.ph